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Soekarno's wife

9 Soekarno's wife and their stories

President Soekarno was noted to have nine wives during his lifetime. Sukarno was assessed as a Don Juan who always enchanting woman. Repeatedly recognized by Sukarno, he was a devotee of a beautiful woman.
Former aide Sukarno Sukarno Bambang Widjanarko tells about her hero indeed. Soekarno charisma plus a high intellect, making women its knees. In addition, Sukarno also always be gallant or polite and warm in every woman. No matter how old or young woman. Sukarno did not hesitate to grab some drinks himself to his female guests. Sukarno also always help hold her hand, if she was out of the car. He also spit praise in women. It always makes the women honored.

Here are nine women to his knees and dipersunting Sukarno:

1. Oetari Tjokroaminoto

Oetari Tjokroaminoto Sukarno was the first wife. Soekarno Oetari married in 1921 in Surabaya. When Sukarno married only 20 years of age while still Oetari 16 years.
Oetari is the daughter of Sukarno HOS Tjokroaminoto teacher. Sukarno married Oetari to ease the burden of families Tjokro. At that time Tjokro wife just died.
Sukarno did not love Oetari as a husband loves his wife. Similarly Oetari. Soekarno movement world and the world of childhood Oetari too opposite. Their relationship was more like brother and sister. Marriage Sukarno and Oetari just rest corn. Soekarno Oetari divorced shortly after college in Bandung.

2. Inggit Garnasih

Soekarno boarding in London in 1921. Since the beginning of the meeting at Inggit Garnasih, he admires Inggit mature and beautiful.
Soekarno Inggit 20 years old and 33 years old at the time. Marriage Inggit with Haji Sanusi was not happy. In figure Inggit Soekarno find love port. Inggit so diligently serve and listen to Sukarno. Sukarno seized Inggit of Sanusi. They later married in 1923. Inggit assist Sukarno in joy and sorrow for nearly 20 years. Marriage Sukarno and Inggit do not have children. In 1943, Sukarno refused to divorce Inggit a co-wife.

3. Fatmawati

In exile in Bengkulu, Sukarno met Fatmawati. This young girl is the daughter of prominent Muhammadiyah Bengkulu. Fatmawati Soekarno adrift age 22 years and younger. Relations with Fatmawati make Soekarno with Inggit Garnasih marriage ended. Inggit reject polygamy and chose to return to London. Dated June 1, 1943, Sukarno and Fatmawati married. Soekarno Fatma aged 42 years and 20 years. After Indonesia's independence, Fatma became the first lady. She also sewed a red heirloom white flag. From Fatmawati, Soekarno get five children. Guntur Soekarnoputra, Megawati, Rachmawati Sukarnoputri, Sukmawati Soekarnoputri, and thunder Soekarnoputra.

4. Hartini

Hartini is a faithful woman who had filled life Sukarno. When the groom by the proclaimer in 1953, aged 29 years and Hartini widowed five children. Second marriage preceded by a meeting at Prambanan, Central Java, as the head of state paid a working visit. Another source said the meeting was a continuation in the temple of love at first sight both the mayor's office Salatiga, a year earlier. Of Sukarno, Hartini birth to two children, namely Typhoon Soekarnoputra and Bayu Soekarnoputra. Hartini remains his reign as Soekarno's wife has entered old age. Hartini also retains the status of marriage until his death Sukarno. In lap Hartinilah, Son of the Dawn breathed his last at the hospital Webcam time on June 21, 1970.

5. Ratna Sari Dewi

Ratna Sari Dewi is the fifth woman to marry Soekarno. Born with the name Naoko Nemoto in Tokyo, February 6, 1940, he married the proclaimer goddess at the age of 19 years. Of Sukarno, who was then 57 years old, has one child, namely Dewi Kartika Sari Dewi Sukarno. Story meetings Dewi Sukarno and quite interesting. Japanese girl was acquainted with Sukarno passing someone when Bung Karno was at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Prior to becoming Sukarno's wife, Dewi is a student as well as entertainer. Rumors circulated that she was a geisha. But the rumor was denied several times.
In 'A Life in the Day of Madame Dewi' is told, after a divorce with Sukarno, Dewi then moved to various countries in Europe, including Switzerland, France, and the United States. In 2008, he settled in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Goddess once made controversy in 1998, when she posed for a photo book titled 'Madame Syuga'. In the book, displayed Goddess with the poses half naked and appeared like a tattoo.

6. Haryati

Before marrying Sukarno in 1963, is a former dancer Haryati palace once the Secretary of State for Arts Staff. Because that's his job, Haryati close to the proclaimer. Seeing beauty Haryati, Soekarno like Arjuna incessantly delivering seduction to 23-year-old woman. In fact, as a lover Haryati status of others, not to make Soekarno retreat to excite his love. Heart Haryati finally collapsed and was unable to reject the proposal of the head of state. Sukarno and Haryati finally married on May 21, 1963. But after three years, Haryati divorced with no children. Sukarno argued was unsuitable. At that time, Sukarno also being close to Ratna Sari Dewi.

7. Yurike Sanger

The first time the President met with Yurike Sanger in 1963. At that Yurike still a still a student becomes a member of the Barisan Unity in Diversity at the State of the Union. The meeting was apparently immediately attract the attention of the Son Dawn. Extra attention is given to the president to her kencur smell it, ranging from talk, sit side by side until the transfer back home. Apparently, the seeds of love had begun between the two. Short time, Bung Karno expressed his feelings and convey to marry the idol of the heart. Seutai necklace was given to Yurika. Finally, Bung Karno meet Yurike parents. On August 6, 1964, two young men who were in love were married at the home of Islam Yurike. Over time, it turns out The Proclaimers seventh marriage was brief. Conditions Bung Karno in 1967 which is a de facto makzulkan as president, impact on personal lives. A foundation of great love, Bung Karno under house arrest in a guesthouse Yoso suggested Yurike a divorce. Finally the divorce took place, although they still love each other.

8. Kartini Manoppo

 This female figure is one of the most beloved wife of Sukarno. Married to Kartini Manoppo, Bung Karno endowed children Totok Suryawan Sukarno in 1967. The two were married in 1959. Beginning of Bung Karno fall in love with a woman who had been a stewardess Garuda Indonesia when I saw paintings by Basuki Abdullah. Since that time, Kartini was never absent whenever Bung Karno go abroad. Kartini is a woman from Bolaang Mongondow, Sulawesi. He was born of a respectable family, so Kartini sealed her marriage to Bung Karno. History records, Kartini was the eighth wife Dawn of the Son.

9. Heldy Djafar
Heldy Djafar is last wife of Sukarno, the wife of the ninth. The two were married in 1966, when it was Bung Karno while the 65 year old girl from Heldy Kertanegara Kutai, East Kalimantan, it is still 18 years old. Second marriage only lasted two years. At that time the political situation is more uncertain. Communication is not running smoothly after Soekarno a prisoner at Wisma Yaso, Jalan Gatot Subroto. Heldy could say to split up, but Sukarno survived. Soekarno just want to be separated by death. Finally, on June 19, 1968 Heldy 21 years married with Noor Suriansyah Gusti. At that time parents who are pregnant Heldy heard Sukarno died. Sukarno died June 21, 1970, at the age of 69 years.

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